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If you’re looking for a new draft system or to upgrade your existing beer system we’re here for you. We handle a complete line of draft beer dispensing equipment. You can choose as many different flavors you’d like as well as many different tower designs. It all depends on your space limitations and budget. We’re here to help guide you all along the way.

Keeping your beer system clean and operating efficiently is the key to a good draw. That’s why we provide a preventative maintenance program designed to keep your profits going.

Complete draft beer systems delivered in days!

AMBEV Systems sells all draft beer systems. Call one of our Equipment Specialists today for a quote on your next system.

Glycol Bath System Components

Glycol systems have become very popular because of their ability to maintain the walk-in cooler’s temperature and deliver cold beer up to 500’. Most glycol beer systems are 100’ or less.

Power Pack

The heart of a glycol system is the power pack, a refrigeration unit chilling food grade anti-freeze (glycol). The chilled glycol is then pumped through insulated trunk line containing the beer lines. Power packs are sized for the length of run between the keg and the faucet.

Draft Beer Tower - The crown jewel at the bar!

Presentation is part of the art of a great draft beer! Whether you are serving premium imports at a mid-town bar or your favorite lager at home - be proud of how you pour. Create a mood or compliment the room’s décor by choosing the right beer tower. Draft Beer Tower are available in a variety of body styles, number of beer faucets and cooling configurations.

Before choosing a beer tower determine how the beer is being cooled. Beer towers can be simply divided into two categories:

Air Cooled

Cold air maintains beer line temperature from the keg to the beer Tower’s faucet. Air Cooled Beer Towers are commonly found on Kegerators, home and commercial bars or applications where the Towers is close to a static or forced cold air source.

Glycol Cooled

Glycol maintains beer temperature by using independent coolant lines to circulate refrigerated glycol in lines beside the beer lines. Glycol Beer Towers are used when air cooled systems are incapable of maintaining beer temperature.

Custom Towers

If you are looking for a Tower with a slightly different twist or just needing a few changes to fit your specific application? We can help, just contact us for more information.

Draft Beer Tower - The crown jewel at the bar!

Reduce Pour Cost & Maximize Profits!

Minimize beer loss when changing kegs.

Foam is beer, stop wasting it when a keg empties. PRO-MAX (FOB detector) senses an empty keg, and shut down the flow of beer in the line. With PRO-MAX in-line profit maximizer the beer line remains full when the keg empties. There is no need to re-fill the beer line: this reduces waste and maximizes glasses per keg.

Easy to Operate

Replace the keg, reset the PRO-MAX (FOB), and beer is flowing again. Multiply the glasses wasted per week by your profit per glass to see the money you could gain with a profit maximizer.

Product Highlights
  • Manufactured of stainless steel & glass
  • Finest FOB in the industry
  • Large beer chamber for easy viewing
  • Wall mount
  • Stainless steel hose connections

Patented Black Diamond Jacket

  • 15% more thermally efficient than tape.
  • Braiding reinforced - resistant to tearing.
  • easy glide surface reduces installation time and saves money.
  1. Insulation
    Industry standard 3/4" (19 mm) closed cell
  2. Foil Wrap
    Conducts cold transfer from glycol lines to product lines
  3. Moisture Barrier Wrap
    Prevents condensation from compromising insulation
    3/8" or 5/16" I.D. Product Lines: Color coded and identified
  5. Glycol Return Line
    3/8" I.D. Red hose for easy identification
  6. Glycol Outgoing Supply Line
    3/8" I.D. Blue hose for easy identification

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