Quality Service

Flat Rate Programs

Know the cost before you decide!

AMBEV Systems now offers flat rate fee’s for a wide variety of installations and services that will help you control budgets and keep your operation running at peak performance. From Cleaning and Sanitizing of ice machines to Beer and coffee systems we can provide a flat rate that you can count on. Whether you purchase your equipment from us or from someone else, AMBEV Systems can install and maintain that equipment for you.

When calling for Flat rate fees please have the following information available: Make and Model, length of line run, and any problems.

  • Ice Machine Cleaning
  • Ice Machine Cleaning and Sanitizing for Hospitals and Health Care industry
  • Ice Machine PM’s
  • Ice Machine Installations
  • Beer Line cleaning
  • Beer Equipment PM’s
  • Beer Equipment Installations
  • Fountain Beverage Line Cleaning
  • Fountain Beverage PM’s
  • Fountain Beverage Installations
  • Coffee, Tea, and Hot Chocolate Decalcification
  • Coffee, Tea, and Hot Chocolate PM’s
  • Water filter Replacements
  • Backflow Preventer Testing

Special promotions offer our customers the ultimate, inside deal. Special pricing on Preventative Maintenance and cleaing programs can save your business up to 50% off of our regular price and keep your equipment running like new.