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Great Tasting Water

Water is the single most important ingredient in food service. Consider these facts: ice is 100 percent water, coffee is 99 percent water, fountain beverages are 83 percent water, and soups and sauces are up to 80 percent water. With these percentages, it’s no wonder more and more foodservice establishments worldwide depend on water treatment systems to provide the best quality and the most consistent water possible.

Water has a dramatic impact on foodservice operations. At AMBEV Systems, we are committed to helping you manage your water, beginning with a Total Water Management program. Using our extensive experience and knowledge, we analyze your water, survey your operation, assess your needs, and deliver you the ideal water treatment solution—customized to your operation. We ensure your operation's water is clean, clear and consistent, so you can focus on more important things. As your partner in providing the very best beverage products for your customers the taste and quality of the water used in the foodservice water treatment, we’ve brought water quality solutions to thousands of thousands of operations across the years.

At AMBEV Systems, our focus is ensuring businesses such as yours enjoy premium-quality water, free of problems that can do anything from damage equipment, to create customer dissatisfaction and even tarnish your reputation. The solution we provide is a combination of value-added services, products and post-sales support.

Research revealed the following:

  • Over 65% of consumers agree to strongly agree that restaurants that filter their water are likely to have better quality food and beverages.*
  • 74% of consumers feel that it is somewhat to extremely important for restaurants to filter their drinking water.*
  • 55% of consumers are more inclined to eat at a restaurant that filters their drinking water.*
  • 73% are more likely to order a beverage made with water if they know the restaurant filters their water.*
  • Of Consumers want to know that a restaurant uses a drinking water system.*

*datassentials 2006

Know Your Water

You may not always see what’s hiding in your water, but any number of contaminants may result in issues with the quality of the food and beverages you serve, as well as with scale buildup in your equipment.

A good quality drink will depend on the quality of the water you use. It will also help protect your equipment by having a good water filtration system installed.

Filters vary in size from small to large to fit on your ice machine, coffee machines, fountain beverage or combined for all of your equipment needs.


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